Guest post: Phoebe Cusden – a doer, a socialist and a Reading hero

Rachel Eden

2017-11-19 14.40.01Yesterday it was a delight to attend the unveiling of a plaque to Phoebe Cusden, and I was particularly struck by Robert Dimmick’s speech.  He’s kindly allowed me to reproduce it here:

Phoebe Cusden was a person of wide and varied interests and commitments, to peace, to her own community, to the care of children, to her faith.  I want to thank all who have helped to make this plaque possible, most of all Kerry Renshaw.

The act for which Phoebe will be most remembered is her initiative to send help to Germany just after the end of the Second World War.  That initiative was not universally popular.  Most people did not realise that while people suffered here, the suffering was even greater elsewhere.  Many felt that we should look after British people first.  Some felt that all Germans deserved to suffer for the evils that their Nazi government had…

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